Awesome website for Data on Indian Stock Market : Moneycontrol

There are numerous websites available for trading specially designed for latest news about all the scripts listed on the stock exchange among which Moneycontrol could be the most authentic and offer much more than other websites.  is a user friendly and well designed  website providing with necessary practical and informative tool that helps the investors to quickly have short glance on all the earning estimations, important links connecting to meeting , interviews, managements opinions, facts and figures and different statistical data.

Useful features of Moneycontrol for Traders

Always plan your trades’ way much before other market participants. It gives you an extra edge. The real question is how to come up with awesome intraday trading idea? Let me try to put in some useful process which could be helpful to find some nice trades.

 Results Calendar

Image of Results Calendar ExampleResult calendar gives a quick review of all outcomes announced regarding on a particular script together with the upcoming result. This makes the task of the investors easy comparing with previous results with estimation on future planning and investments.


Intraday Stocks showing movement

Marketstats is the most vital source of information if you are looking for next trading idea. Stock Market Statistics section on moneycontrol covers Top Gainers, Top Losers, Only Buyers, Only Sellers, Most Active Shares, Bulk Deals, Block Deals, Stocks touching 52 week High and 52 week Low, Price Shockers and Volume Shockers.

Image of Stock Market Statistics on Moneycontrol

Commodities Corner maintains a commodity center which provides with latest news and analysis on commodities traded in the markets for example gold, silver, natural gas, copper, agricultural products affected by weather conditions etc. Their are many interviews conducted and experts’ advice gained by the investors on the issues regarding commodity investments.

Reach Out to Global Market is not restricted to only Indian Stock Markets but gives exposure to the global market at large. Its boundaries are expanded all over the world by getting a strong grip with US, Asian, European indices alerts. It helps the investors to track the various kind’s news and updates related to global market.

For Example : If you continued appreciation or depreciation of INR currency vis-a-vis other major currencies like USD, GBP, EUR or JPY then it will have an short term impact on the Indian companies. The effect will be much higher for companies who have payables or receivables in foreign currency or existence of foreign operations.

Keeps Updated with Corporate Actions enable to view notification of all upcoming companies corporate actions whether it’s of Board Meeting, AGM/EGMs, bonus ratios, slits shares, right shares, dividend etc. It provides with the detailed information and announcements of results of all  companies actions trading in the market.

Following are some of the features which is much better than other websites

  1. Moneycontrol Messaging Board

MMB immediately provides the instant access to the minds of other traders looking at same stocks. Other traders puts in their view/opinion on the stocks. It’s a great tool to understand the consensus sentiment and you can plan your trade accordingly.

  1. Risk Free Paper Trading/ Demo Trading

Moneybhai investor is a virtual stock market game where players could deal in real time. Virtual money can be invested across assets classes like shares, commodities, mutual funds, deposits and practice investing without committing real money. It also eliminates all financial risk.

  1. Organizing Investors Camps

The main motive behind investor’s camps is increase the participation of more and more number of people whose interest lies in financial investments and guide them to take the right decision while trading without incurring any losses. All the details regarding the venue, time, date etc. is mention on the website. Interested candidates can go and register for getting the benefit from the expert eminent.

  1. Moneycontrol Alerts

Moneycontrol Alerts really come handy when It comes for instant notification on the interested stocks. These alerts ensures the movement of the stock prices and accordingly recommends the clients which shares are increasing and which shares performance is going down. It is the immediate notification when markets meets custom criteria the user gets the visual popups, audio signals and email alerts.

  1. Live Indian Stock Market Scenario

Markets section provides its users with the live market scenario. It shows the movements of scripts going up and down and the live market watch is supported by pictures, audios, videos, charts, blog etc. making it more understanding and reliable for the clients. It also shares market views and equity research done by various analysts.

  1. Experts’ Advice.

There are many rich advisors or experts available on the bombarded with rich minds of knowledge and intelligence and excellent trained in their own field. They make the client’s job easy at arriving at a decision in which shares, mutual funds, commodities etc to be invested in.

Moneycontrol is so far the best website for indian stock market.

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