We, at IntrinsicOne, offer specialized financial research and analysis services. Our Team includes highly qualified professionals with exposure to multiple sectors and industries. We choose our team with the highest educational qualifications and experience in leading companies. Our team is well diversified – consisting of MBAs, CAs, Engineering Graduates, CFAs (ICFAI), CFAs among others – to give a ringside view of markets and industries.

We believe there are tremendous unexplored opportunities in the market. Our strategies are meant to identify and target these opportunities while everyone else goes with the flow. Our strategies are nimble, flexible and adaptable to make the most out of changing market conditions. Our in-depth analysis and insights provide you with real time actionable ideas. Whether you are a trader or an investor, we strive to achieve the highest risk adjusted return (Alpha) for you. Whatever may be the markets trend – Upward, Downward, Sideways; Volatile or Silent – our strategies will ensure you Alpha generation.

We measure our performance on absolute basis as against normal industry convention of comparing with Benchmark Index. We are not merely trying to better the markets, we are looking at outsmarting the market. For us only the End Result matters and that is the Highest Risk Adjusted Returns.