We are Strategists and not Tip Providers

We don’t merely provide general tips and then leave you guessing. We put ourselves in your shoes and actively strategize for you, keeping your specific needs in mind. You can let your hair down while we burn midnight oil to multiply your wealth. Active Risk Management at its best. BTW Tips are for waiters.

Irrelevant Win to Loss Ratio

Often people mistake a good win to loss ratio for healthy returns. It is not!!

We could have 9 straight wins in a row and yet the 10th one could be in loss wiping off all the profits you have made so far. So what we offer you is not empty success ratios which means zilch to you, but very real positive returns. Let us reiterate again – Only the End Result matters and that is the Highest Risk Adjusted Returns. Rest is just Noise.

No Pesky Calls

We never Force the trades. We would rather sit tight and wait for the opportunity than force you into an undesirable deal. We understand zero profits are way better than losses.

We see ourselves as your guardian angels, not as a client to be harassed and exploited for a quick buck. We are here to create long term wealth for you while gently helping you choose strategies that you are comfortable with.

Dealing in our Area of Competence

We deal only in areas of our expertise. We are vocal and transparent about what we can do and what we don’t. We deal in stocks, stock F&Os, Index F&Os and other stock related instruments. We do not dabble in other financial instruments such as Mutual Funds, Currencies, Bonds, Gold, Oil & Gas, and other commodities.

You can rest assured that we know what we do and do only what we know.