How to Find your SEBI Registered Investment Advisor?

A person holding dollar notes

A person holding dollar notes

So, you are ready with the money. And, you are looking for assets to invest in. However, you are slightly confused about whether to hire a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor or DIY.

If you ask this question to us, we will tell you at the very first instance that – It depends!

Starting with a Small Story…

Before clarifying on that further, let us share the story of Ram and how he tried out DIY with investing.

Ram stays in one of the cleanest towns in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra – Nerul. He is an engineer by profession and has saved some amount out of his salary. He thought of playing out in the stock market.

His aim was only to generate profits. He invested and got profit at first attempt. He felt that he was doing things the right way. However, all the initial series of profits got wiped away with a single BIG loss. 

He doesn’t give up. He goes and attends Stock Market Training Classes in Vashi, Navi Mumbai region. Now, he has the right tools. 

But, this time, though he had the necessary skills, he didn’t have the time to apply those skills at the right time. Amid his work, he started finding it difficult to manage things. 

After many years of investment, the net residue was a negative portfolio as he couldn’t predict the market conditions. And, one more thing is that over these years, he couldn’t even focus on his own work. If he would have invested his time and energy there, then he could have improved his skills and income. 

Laterwards, he understood that time and energy are the actual money. He didn’t have time for DIY stuff. He gave it to a SEBI Registered Advisory and now he is focussing on increasing his income. 

So, if you have full time for investment management and other related processes, then you can definitely DIY.

This way, everyone must be able to figure out whether they need the assistance of a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor.

So, How to Find the Best in Town – SEBI Registered Investment Advisor?

Before knowing that, it is critical to know, how to Spot the Bad SEBI Investment Advisor. This will make things much easier.

How to Identify Bad SEBI Registered Investment Advisor?

Bad Officer

Bad Officer

There are many Investment Advisors who take up money from the clients and use it for their personal interest. Their focus is not on generating more returns for their clients. Instead, they aim to gather more assets under management to enhance their own practices.

However, SEBI Registered Advisors are monitored by SEBI – the Indian Stock Market Regulator. So, the chances of a bad advisor are quite rare. At least, here in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai regions of Maharashtra, such cases are less observed.

Anyways, you can still look for these six key points to validate the genuine and trustworthy SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in your area:

1. Research about the SEBI Registered Investment Advisor

Doing Research

Doing Research

If the Investment Advisor is a well-known person, then he/she must be having a long-term track record. Just analyze it. See for such vital information.

If you completely could not validate the genuinity of the firm, not even from a known referral, better stay away from such advisors.

2. 100% Profit Guaranteed. Your Profile Returns will Touch Sky in a Month Period: Stay Away!

Pretending to do something

Pretending to do something

No good Investment Advisors would promise anything of this kind. Instead, the genuine one will remain more realistic over the profit figures and the risk taken.

Always remember that everything in this world takes time. Rome was not built in a day.

3. Investment Advisor hesitates to talk openly about returns gained

Talk Openly

Talk Openly

If your Investment Advisor shows reluctance to reveal the returns gained in the last years, then better move away from such advisors. The Advisor should willingly share his or her past returns.

At times, they might answer that because of customized portfolios, they are unable to come up with a composite return. In that case, ask them to show returns on similar portfolios.

Let’s say, the RIA reveals his/her past performance. Do not just glance over the higher return figures. Focus on knowing how the returns were generated and the risk undertaken for the same.

4. Does the Investment Advisor have a specific focus on Investment Advice?

Trying to Focus

Trying to Focus

Most of the Investment Advisors only give promises. There are only a few, who really do the things.

Focus on his/her questions to the clients. How deep are his/her questions? Does he/she try to get in-depth details of your financial condition?

Look for Investment Advisors who talk specifically on how much returns you wish to receive and its entailed risk. If his/her concentration is less over returns & risk and more on other unnecessary product marketing, etc. then that’s a red flag.

5. Does the Advisor only give Penny Stock or Small-Cap Stock Advices?

High Risk

High Risk

Every genuine SEBI Registered Investment Advisor understands the importance of liquidity. He/She would mostly prefer to recommend stocks having a decent amount of liquidity on a daily basis.

However, Investing in small-cap stocks (mostly illiquid ones) is no harm at first take. But, that kind of investment should be only on an individual level.

Because, when multiple people exit a small-cap stock, then that becomes quite detrimental for its share price. This action can affect the overall holdings of the clients in those penny stocks.  An experienced Investment Advisor knows this beforehand and ensures stay away from small-cap stocks.

6. Is Advisor asking to invest in products where he/she has vested interest?

Persuading someone

Persuading someone

If your SEBI Registered Investment Advisor tries to push products despite your disinterest in the same, think twice before delving with him/her.

For mere compensation, he/she will sell you products of other sponsored Companies. There are few who do the same practice. And, you can call them a Bad Investment Advisor.  

Also, whatever will be the fees and costs of your investments, he/she provides you – in writing- all the transaction cost details that include brokerage commissions, etc.

Now, that you know how to identify Bad Investment Advisors, it’s time to learn –

How to Find the Best SEBI Registered Investment Advisor for You?

So here are quick guidelines to help you get the best advisor for you:

1. They consider your needs first

People talking

People talking

When you talk with your Investment Advisor, see if he/she gives more consideration to your needs or towards the promotion of financial products. If he/she does the later one, check if whether the products are their own solutions or someone else’s.

However, instead, if he/she focusses more on your requirements then that’s a tick for that Investment Advisory.

2. They will constantly update you

vintage telephone on the wall

vintage telephone on the wall

Communication is the key to maintain good relationships. Silence for long can create unnecessary voids between the two. So, if your Investment Advisor ensures to talk to you on a regular basis and keep you updated, then go blindfolded for the firm.

3. They are not Stress Spreaders, but Proactive thinkers

person using a pencil and stick note 

person using a pencil and stick note 

Finding an Investment Advisor who has developed strong patience and who hardly panic is highly critical.

Stock Markets are always uncertain. Or, we can say that the Market appears unpredictable at some points.

At this time, it is the responsibility of the Investment Advisor to control his/her emotional segment and of the client.

Expert Investment Advisors prefer to hedge their client’s stock holdings in order to remain secure in all market actions.

4. They will have a Strong Supporting Team



Best Investment Advisors always have a broad range of experts in his/her support team. The client needs are conveyed to the experts and they do it using their advanced skillsets.

In this way, the client will get a special focus on his/her portfolio and that too on an individual level. And, this process is lacking in most of the firms where all client needs are taken utmost care.

5. They have Strong Analytical Skills



Depending upon your financial condition and return-risk profile, the Investment Advisor will decide the proper allocation of your money.

So, for that, he/she will do a thorough analysis for you in order to help you achieve your goals.

While analyzing, the SEBI Registered Investment Advisor will consider various parameters like standard deviation, beta, strategic asset allocation, drawdown, and tactical asset allocation.

6. They have curiosity

beige and black owl

beige and black owl

SEBI Investment Advisors should always possess curiosity while dealing with their clients. This small act of attention shows the amount of interest and energy he/she puts into your matter.

Such professionals are hard to get in today’s world where everything is generalized and result-oriented.

7. They are good teachers

Good Teacher

Good Teacher

While communicating with the client, the RIA should ensure that he/she talks in layman’s (or client’s) terms. The main aim should be to make the client understand the things in simple words.

During each meeting, matching of the wavelength must be achieved by the RIA to make the client feel comfortable. This act helps embrace trust in the advisor.

8. They possess a good reputation

two men laughing white sitting on chairs

two men laughing white sitting on chairs

Before confronting the Investment Advisor, the client must look for some quick testimonials from the existing/old clients.

In some cases, visiting the Company’s official website should solely suffice the requirement.

Ask opinions from your close friends and relatives.

Also, look for the Skills/ Credentials/ Experience level of the Advisory firm Chief Officer and the team members.

9. They have the plan ready

Relay runner

Relay runner

Before going on a trip to an unknown place, we make sure to use the map on transit. Because, the map will show us the proper direction, taking us in the right direction.

The same goes for while finding your SEBI Registered Investment Advisor. He/she should have a plan and strategy ready beforehand. Without a proper plan and strategy, hardly anything works.

They should know what to do for every type of client, depending upon their requirements. And, as mentioned earlier, the concept of staying proactive at times when needed is also a quite important trait.

10. Fee-Based Investment Advisors are better

A person holding a coin

A person holding a coin

Here, let us explain the first take on this with a quick example. Ram and Sam get their annual returns as follows:

Ram – 10% (DIY or no Fees)

Sam – 16% (1% fees; Net Earnings – 15%)

Can you see the difference in the net earnings? Even after paying 1% as fees Sam could earn 5% returns more than Ram. Additionally, in this one year period, Sam might have improved his skills and might be earning more. If not that, Sam might have at least had some time and energy invested somewhere else which is irreversible.

Ram has invested most of his time and energy to generate more annual returns. However, he might continue it again the same way and will get the same results always.

Life situations keep on changing and Ram will have more distractions over time.

The second take on Fee-based Investment Advisory is that one can rely on them as you have paid for that. You have hired an expert to manage your money. You are paying him some fees in exchange for his skills.

In the world full of ups and downs, you don’t have to take that extra burden in life. And, you can invest your energy and time at someplace out of which you will yield self-improvement.

So, this is it. All about the best SEBI Registered Investment Advisor. You have their bad qualities to spot on. And, their good qualities to adhere to.

Make your wise decision today and now itself. 

IntrinsicOne Investment Advisory

Meantime, let us mention something about our IntrinsicOne Investment Advisory, Fort, Mumbai region of Maharashtra. We are a SEBI Registered Investment Advisory Firm.

Expert Option Strategist, Mr. Nikhil Khandelwal, CFA, SEBI Registered Advisor, leads IntrinsicOne.

Our happy clients are our assets. Our job is just to fulfill their needs. And, that’s what we do here.

We conduct various Market Training programs for all levels (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced) across India (particularly Maharashtra). Our main area of focus has always remained the Navi Mumbai region and the Mumbai region.

In Navi Mumbai, we have conducted Stock Market workshops in Vashi, Nerul, Panvel, Seawoods Dharave, Belapur CBD, etc. In the Mumbai region, we have access to the Central line, Western line (Churchgate, Marine Lines, Charni Road, Grant Road, Bandra, etc.), and Harbour line (CST, Wadala, Chembur).

So, in case, if you are interested in our Market Training Program then go for it. Here is the link –

Or, if you want us to do work for you, then we have that service too. Here is the link for that –











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